I’ve joined a local gym, and on Wednesday, July 25 I had my body fat tested to get an idea of where I’m starting from. Here are my starting stats (these have changed a bit since I had it tested, I’ll update on that later this week):

July 25 stats
Age – 26
Height – 5’3″
Weight – 158#
Body Fat – 38%
BMI – 28  (overweight range)

Weight – 128#
Body Fat – 22%
BMI – 22 (mid way in the normal range)
To tone and see muscle definition

Along with the above goals, I have a few milestones that I want to see happen.
1. I want to be able to wear my wedding rings. I gain so much weight in my pregnancies that I can’t fit them on my finger for a long time.
2. I want to fit back into a pair of my pre-pregnancy (2nd one) jeans. This would give me a good idea of where I’m at clothing wise.
3. I want to get rid of all the extra belly that is left behind after having a baby.

These things may all sound like things that will inevitably happen, but marking them as milestones will help me see tangible examples of my progress.

I’m giving myself 6 months to reach these goals. Hopefully I will be where I want to be by January 25, 2013. My halfway goal is to be at 143# by October 25th.