I have to be honest and admit that I weigh myself everyday. I’m kind of obsessed. I fluctuate a lot throughout the week, and even from morning to evening. So I’ve picked one day a week to be my weigh-in day, thus Weigh-in-Wednesday (it has a ring to it, right?) Check back every week to see my progress. And feel free to leave me a comment of encouragement 🙂

Current weight – 153#
Goal weight – 128#
Weight lost – 5#
Weight still to lose – 25#

My weight loss goal is to lose 1.5# per week, and I’m hoping that having a weekly update will give me a good idea as to whether I’m on track with that or not.

I also have mini goals, which are basically focusing on 10# at a time. It can get really discouraging to think about the 25# I still have to lose. I remember when I broke 160#, I was SO excited. Now I’m focusing on getting under 150#. It makes the bigger goal feel a lot more achievable if you focus on a little bit at a time.