A friend of mine has recently introduced me to thrift shopping. She always looks so cute, and whenever I ask her where her clothes are from, the answer is almost always a thrift store. There are a few things I’ve come to love about thrift shopping.

It is great for in-between clothes, when you are losing weight and not staying in one size for a long time. This way you can buy a few things that fit and you don’t have guilt because the cost is so cheap. I’ve found a few great in-between skirts at Good Will recently. Good Will is great, the area you live in will likely determine the type of clothes you find at your local Good Will. For example, I’ve gone to the Boulder Good Will, and they seem to carry a decent amount of nicer brands. I found a grey, J.Crew pencil skirt this last Saturday at their half off sale.  It cost me $2. To find a Good Will in your area, just go to their website www.goodwill.org and type in your zip code.

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Another store worth checking out, is Plato’s Closet. They are a second-hand retail store that carry gently used name brand styles. The great thing about this store, is you can bring in the clothes you don’t wear anymore, and if they are in good shape and current styles Plato’s will give you cash for your clothes or a credit to the store. A great way to filter out clothes you’ve out grown, and pick up some “new” items.