1.Counting calories

The concept is simple, you need to burn more calories then you are eating, in order to lose weight. All the efforts put in at the gym won’t mean anything if you aren’t eating correctly. There are a few simple ways to cut calories:

  • Watch what you are drinking. You don’t want to drink all your calories with soda’s and juice.
  • Eat healthy calories. 250 calories worth of fruit, is better than a 250 cal candy bar, and will keep you fuller, longer.
  • Cut portion sizes. Most people eat more food at a time then they need.
  • Eat smaller meals, more frequently. This way you will stay more full, even though you are eating less.
  • My fitness pal app – Use it on your smart phone, or online at www.myfitnesspal.com. Become my friend and we can cheer each other on!
  • Check at restaurant before ordering. I’m realistic with myself in the fact that I like to eat out occasionally. And eating at home isn’t always an option (at least not the easiest one sometimes). But, when I go to a restaurant, I either check my phone app or check the restaurants calories online.  I usually end up having to box up half the order to stay within my calorie range, but it is possible.
  • Input individual items for home meals. My husband does the cooking at home. He is a great chef, and well, anything would be better then what I’d be capable of cooking. We eat a lot of lean meats and are trying to incorporate more vegetables, and healthier carbs. When we eat at home, I make sure I put in each individual ingredient to make sure I get the most accurate calorie count possible.
  • Measure out servings. ALWAYS measure out your servings when you’re counting calories. If you eyeball 3/4 cup of cereal, you will more likely then not, over estimate. Most serving sizes are actually a lot smaller then you would assume.

2. Resistance training

Along with counting calories. Building up muscle is very important. When you have muscle in your body, it continually burns calories throught the day. So, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. My brother (aka. personal trainer) has me doing the following on separate days.

  • Chest/shoulders
  • Arms/back
  • Legs

Abs are done daily, unless they are super sore. And cardio is done as often as possible.  I’m asking for an elliptical for my birthday next month, so hopefully I’ll be able to fit cardio in more often.

My brother, Casey is studying to become a certified trainer.  He told me that the following percentages can be used loosely to gage weight loss success;
Nutrition 50-85%
Weights 40-75%
Cardio 10-15%
These percentages will change depending on the person and their situation.

This is a basic summary of what I’m doing right now. As my diet and workouts evolve, I’ll continue to update you on them.  In the mean time, what are some of your favorite exercises, and low cal meals?