Thursday the sixth was my birthday, and we went out to eat a few days before with my parents and brother. Recently, whenever we go out to a restaurant I make sure in very conscious of what I order and how many calories are in it. But for my birthday I decided to eat whatever I wanted at dinner. I still made health conscious choices, but I didn’t focus on the calorie amount. I think it’s okay to indulge every once in a while. The funny thing is, that after the dinner I was so full that I didn’t really appreciate being able to eat whatever I wanted. My body has definitely adjusted to living on fewer calories. Once I’m able to increase my daily calorie intake, I think that it’ll be something I’ll have to do slowly to let my body get used to it.

Then on my actual birthday, I met my cousin for lunch at a great Thai restaurant, and that afternoon my husband and kids surprised me with a Mrs. Fields frosted cookie.

I did however go to the gym that morning, and burned 525 calories on the elliptical.

And on Friday my parents came over and put the kids to bed so my husband and I could go out to dinner, to my favorite Italian restaurant.

So it was a week of indulging, to say the least. I continued to track everything I was eating, and I definitely went over my calorie goal a couple of times. But I continued to work hard at the gym. Now that my birthday week is over, I’ll be back to the grind, and hopefully my week of indulging won’t be reflected in my next weigh-in.

On another note, tomorrow is my first day lifting weights on my own. Wish me luck!!