After last weeks weigh-in, I needed a little bit of perspective. Only losing half a pound was a little discouraging when I’ve had weeks where I’ve lost three. So, here it is. My son was born in April of this year, and the first weight that I recorded was 190# about a week after he was born. Thanks to the new mommy diet, i.e. not having time to eat, sleep, shower, think, etc. I got down to 163# by early July. That is when I started tracking my calories. Within a couple weeks I was down five more pounds. On July 22 I started going to the gym, along with counting calories. I had a body analysis done at 158#, which I talked about here. And now, six weeks later, I’m at 140#. So just to remind myself how far i’ve come, I’m going to break it down a bit.

April-July 2012 = weight loss of 27#

July – October 2012 = weight loss of 23#

Total weight lost since April 2012 = 50#

Weight still to lose = 12#

Out of all those numbers, 12# is the lowest. Twelve pounds seems a lot less intimidating when I realize I’ve already lost 50. I think it’s important to look back sometimes and remember how far you’ve come, instead of dwelling on how far you have to go. No matter where you are in your journey, look at every pound lost and every muscle gained, as an accomplishment.