My brother has told me that most people hate leg day, but for me, I love it. It’s definitely a hard day, and I feel sore for days afterwards, but my thighs are one of my main complaint areas on my body.

For some reason, my legs get really big during my pregnancies. Okay, all of me gets really big, but my legs really do. I didn’t get stretch marks on my stomach either pregnancy, but I have them on my thighs, and even my calfs because of how big and swollen my legs get.

I’ve been too self-conscious about my legs to feel comfortable in a pair of colored pants. I feel like having colored pants would draw attention to one of the areas on my body that I’m most uncomfortable with. So this is why I like leg day. I want thinner, more toned legs, and I’m not gonna’ get ’em by skipping leg day.

Leg day benefits other parts of your body as well. My brother has told me that since your legs are the biggest muscle on your body, working them helps you burn more calories and fat. That sounds like a win-win to me.

What is your favorite/least favorite day at the gym?