On Thanksgiving, you want to be comfortable, and cute. So this is my idea of a good turkey day look. Leggings are comfy and have some give to them, and then an oversized sweater, or sweater dress.  It’s important to look cute for two reasons. Chances are you’re getting together with family and there will be pictures being taken. And for me, if I look and feel good, I’m more likely to think about what I’m eating. If you show up to thanksgiving in sweats, you’ll be more likely to over eat, because you’re wearing oversized clothes.

My personal Thanksgiving survival tips;

1.Dress cute and comfortable.

2.Don’t graze. If you spend the day picking at food here and there, you’re more likely to overeat. It’s better to sit down with a plate of food and to know exactly what and how much your eating.

3.Don’t stress or over think it. It’s okay to have “cheat” days. Just listen to your body and don’t stuff yourself.