Now that I’ve made it to my goal weight, it’s time to re-evaluate and set new goals going forward. When I started this whole journey, it never was 100% about reaching a certain weight. That was just milestone for getting my body back into a healthier place. I still am not completely where I want to be physically. I still want to challenge my body. Here is a list of some of my updated goals.

1. I want to improve my strength and find new levels of fitness that I can take myself to.

2. I want to run a race. Right now I have my sites set on the 2013 Boulder Bolder.

3. I want to decrease my body fat. I can still pinch quite a bit of fat on my stomach, and I’d like to get rid of that. I’ll have a better idea of what this looks like after I have my body analysis done.

4. I want to cut back on soda. I have a serious addiction to Diet Coke. I need to drink more water and less Diet coke, and doing so will help me to achieve goal #3.

5. I want to be able to do push-ups, NOT on my knees. I still can’t seem to do more then two push ups without having to go on my knees.

6. I want to become more flexible. I have always had really tight calf/hamstring muscles, due to short ankle cords that I’ve had since I was a kid. Improving flexibility will improve my workouts and how I feel afterwards.

7. I want to learn to rock climb. My gym has a huge rock climbing wall and offers belay certification classes. My brother and I took the certification class and just need to test out now. I’m excited and nervous about it, it’s scary when you’re up that high!