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Now that I’m done losing weight, I need to increase my daily calorie intake to maintain my weight. My brother has told me that I’ll need to eat about 1900-2000 calories a day to maintain my current weight. My gym/workout schedule will mostly stay the same, so the amount of food I eat will be the only thing changing. And I have to admit, I’m having a hard time coming to terms with this. I’ve been eating about 1200 calories a day for the last two or three months, and I’ve gotten pretty used to that. I have a hard time picturing myself eating 700-800 MORE calories PER day! And I have this irrational fear that I’m going to gain the weight back if I start eating this much. Logically, I know that wont happen, but it’s a hard concept to get on board with. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m going to start eating Big Macs and pizza all the time (except it will be nice to indulge occasionally) I’ll continue to eat healthy. I plan to increase my calories by just eating more of the same foods I’ve been eating to lose the weight. I’ll add healthy fats and calories like nuts and avocados to meals, and having more frequent snacks throughout the day. It’s going to be a learning process I think. And I’m not going to increase to this many calories in one day. I plan to slowly increase to this amount over about a week or so, so my body can adjust to it better.


I came across this picture a few weeks ago, and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come. This was taken on August 8th, 2012, my son was 4 months old. I started going to the gym 14 days prior to this picture being taken.


And this picture was taken Thanksgiving day. Owen was 7.5 months old, and this is almost exactly 4 months after I started working out.

I need visuals like this to keep things in perspective for me. I don’t even feel like these pictures are of the same person (they are though, I promise). I can’t believe the difference, especially in my face. So that is my fear, going back to where I was in the first picture. I’ve told my husband that when I was that size I didn’t feel like my “real” self. I felt like Ashleigh, but in a fat suit (a la Gweneth Paltrow in the movie Shallow Hal). I feel like I’ve found myself and I don’t ever want to go back to that place again.

What fears do you have in your own personal weight loss journey?


Current weight – 126#

Goal weight – 125#

Weight lost since last weigh in – .6#

Total weight lost – 32#

Weight still to lose – 1#

Both kids and I have been really sick, and I haven’t made it to the gym in over a week. It’s killing me! Hopefully we’ll all be feeling better soon!

Now that I’ve made it to my goal weight, it’s time to re-evaluate and set new goals going forward. When I started this whole journey, it never was 100% about reaching a certain weight. That was just milestone for getting my body back into a healthier place. I still am not completely where I want to be physically. I still want to challenge my body. Here is a list of some of my updated goals.

1. I want to improve my strength and find new levels of fitness that I can take myself to.

2. I want to run a race. Right now I have my sites set on the 2013 Boulder Bolder.

3. I want to decrease my body fat. I can still pinch quite a bit of fat on my stomach, and I’d like to get rid of that. I’ll have a better idea of what this looks like after I have my body analysis done.

4. I want to cut back on soda. I have a serious addiction to Diet Coke. I need to drink more water and less Diet coke, and doing so will help me to achieve goal #3.

5. I want to be able to do push-ups, NOT on my knees. I still can’t seem to do more then two push ups without having to go on my knees.

6. I want to become more flexible. I have always had really tight calf/hamstring muscles, due to short ankle cords that I’ve had since I was a kid. Improving flexibility will improve my workouts and how I feel afterwards.

7. I want to learn to rock climb. My gym has a huge rock climbing wall and offers belay certification classes. My brother and I took the certification class and just need to test out now. I’m excited and nervous about it, it’s scary when you’re up that high!

I’ve had some requests to post my workouts. I can’t take credit for these, because my brother/personal trainer has written them up for me. But I’m happy to post them 🙂 Here is a chest and shoulder day routine;


  • Bench press: 6-8 reps x3 sets (go with someone, or ask someone at the gym to spot you)
  • Push-ups: 12-14 x3 sets (modify by doing it on your knees if needed)
  • Machine press: 6-8 x3 sets
  • Ball push-ups: 12-14 x3 sets (use the exercise ball against a wall for balance)
  • Incline dumbbell press: 6-8 x3 sets
  • Dumbbell fly and twist: 12-14 x3 sets. You lay flat on a bench, start with your arms out, palms facing the ceiling


You should lift heavy enough weights, that you are sore, and have to work to finish your reps/sets, but not so heavy that you can’t complete them.

You want to give each body part a good 48hrs to rest before working them again. You need to give your muscles time to heal.

I’ve attached a few links to some of the workouts, to help explain what they are and how to do them. Would you let me know if that’s helpful?

Current weight – 127.2#

Goal weight – 125#

Weight lost since last weigh in – 1#

Total weight lost – 30.8#

Weight still to lose – 2.2#

As I posted about on Monday, I’ve adjusted my weight loss goal. My main intention is to loose more fat, and gain more muscle. 125# is the weight that was recommended to me by a trainer at my gym, according to my height, age, and body fat %.

I highly recommend getting a body analysis done if you are trying to lose weight. It will give you a healthy, and reasonable goal, tell you where you are, and how to get to where you want to be.

When I started all this, I had my body fat analysis done, so I would know exactly where I was starting. I listed these stats here, but I’ll post them again so it’ll be easier to compare.

July 25 2012

BODY TYPE  –  Standard

AGE  –  26

HEIGHT  –  5ft 3.5in

WEIGHT  –  158.0lb

BMI  –  28

FAT%  –  38.2%

TARGET FAT%  –  22%


NOVEMBER 26 2012

BODY TYPE  –  Athletic

AGE  –  27

HEIGHT  –  5ft 3in

WEIGHT  –  128.8lb

BMI  –  22.5

FAT%  –  24.3%


GOAL WEIGHT  –  125lbs

GOAL FAT%  –  20%

*These new goals were suggested/recommended by the trainer who did my body analysis*

The thing that stood out to me the most in this out of everything, was the description of my body type. I didn’t even notice it the first time I had it done. I think I was too focused on the weight and body fat percent to really notice anything else.  But this time I noticed that it said my body type was ‘Athletic’ and it made me smile. I don’t think there has been any time in my life where I would of thought of my body type as “athletic”, and I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Where are you with your goals?

Do you have new goals in mind? What are they?

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