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Now that I’ve made it to my goal weight, it’s time to re-evaluate and set new goals going forward. When I started this whole journey, it never was 100% about reaching a certain weight. That was just milestone for getting my body back into a healthier place. I still am not completely where I want to be physically. I still want to challenge my body. Here is a list of some of my updated goals.

1. I want to improve my strength and find new levels of fitness that I can take myself to.

2. I want to run a race. Right now I have my sites set on the 2013 Boulder Bolder.

3. I want to decrease my body fat. I can still pinch quite a bit of fat on my stomach, and I’d like to get rid of that. I’ll have a better idea of what this looks like after I have my body analysis done.

4. I want to cut back on soda. I have a serious addiction to Diet Coke. I need to drink more water and less Diet coke, and doing so will help me to achieve goal #3.

5. I want to be able to do push-ups, NOT on my knees. I still can’t seem to do more then two push ups without having to go on my knees.

6. I want to become more flexible. I have always had really tight calf/hamstring muscles, due to short ankle cords that I’ve had since I was a kid. Improving flexibility will improve my workouts and how I feel afterwards.

7. I want to learn to rock climb. My gym has a huge rock climbing wall and offers belay certification classes. My brother and I took the certification class and just need to test out now. I’m excited and nervous about it, it’s scary when you’re up that high!


Lately I’ve had my eye on a pair of patterned leggings. I love the blue snowflake pair, and the multi-colored pair I have shown below. I think paired with the right shoes and the right shirt, they could be a super cute addition to my winter wardrobe, they are a fun and unexpected alternative to your typical solid color leggings. I love leggings, they are great for any season, if you just adjust the way you wear them. The same pair of leggings can work in winter with a pair of boots and a sweater dress, and work in spring with some flats and a cute tunic top.

I have a few, personal legging “rules”;
1. Leggings are NOT pants. They should be worn with a shirt that covers your rear.
2. Leggings should be worn with the proper shoes for the season. Either boots (tall or short) or flats. (Flip-flops are okay too).
3. Leggings should be considered an accessory to your outfit. If you wear colored or patterned leggings, pair them with a neutral top. You don’t want to have too much going on.

What do you think. Would you rock a pair of patterned leggings?

Do you have any legging “rules” of your own?


I’m asking for some new work out clothes, and of course, some regular clothes for Christmas this year. Here is a list of my top requests.

*And just as a disclaimer, I don’t want/expect EVERYTHING. I just like to give my family options.

  • My brother called me the other night to tell me about the Nike Fule Band. It is SWEET! Especially the ‘Ice’ colored one
  • I’ve had my eye on this jacket from Express for a while. I like the butterscotch color.
  • I’ve been looking for a pair of yellow flats, like these from Old Navy
  • I need/want some new gym pants, and I like these at Old Navy
  • And, If I’m going to get more serious about running, I could use some cold weather running gear, like these shirts and these pants, from the Gap.

What about you? Do you have clothes, or workout gear on your wish list?

Christmas wishes

When I started all this, I had my body fat analysis done, so I would know exactly where I was starting. I listed these stats here, but I’ll post them again so it’ll be easier to compare.

July 25 2012

BODY TYPE  –  Standard

AGE  –  26

HEIGHT  –  5ft 3.5in

WEIGHT  –  158.0lb

BMI  –  28

FAT%  –  38.2%

TARGET FAT%  –  22%


NOVEMBER 26 2012

BODY TYPE  –  Athletic

AGE  –  27

HEIGHT  –  5ft 3in

WEIGHT  –  128.8lb

BMI  –  22.5

FAT%  –  24.3%


GOAL WEIGHT  –  125lbs

GOAL FAT%  –  20%

*These new goals were suggested/recommended by the trainer who did my body analysis*

The thing that stood out to me the most in this out of everything, was the description of my body type. I didn’t even notice it the first time I had it done. I think I was too focused on the weight and body fat percent to really notice anything else.  But this time I noticed that it said my body type was ‘Athletic’ and it made me smile. I don’t think there has been any time in my life where I would of thought of my body type as “athletic”, and I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Where are you with your goals?

Do you have new goals in mind? What are they?

I’ve had this question asked of me a lot recently. The answer I automatically jump to is explaining my diet and exercise plans. But the actually answer to this question is, dedication. Its always been my personality, that if I decide I want something, I find a way to get it. I honestly think that this has been the driving factor in my success. Its easy to follow a diet and exercise plan if its drawn out for you, but it takes more then that to suceed. If your not dedicated to reaching the goals you’ve set, you’re going to be more likely to faulter. You might skip a day at the gym here and there, get lazy on your eating, or whatever it may be. These are the things that are going to hold you back and make you feel like its too hard. I’m not trying to brag by saying this, but I’ve worked really hard, and that’s my secret. It puts a new meaning into Nike’s ‘just do it’ slogan. Because that’s how I did it. By just going to the gym consistently and eating right.

I want people to know that it is possible. When I hear of other people who want to get in shape, I want to help them and inspire them. I want them to know that it can be done an I’m excited for them to accomplish their goals.

I’ve also been asked to post my workouts. Ill do the best I can to do this. But they’re not technically “my” workouts because my brother writes them up for me 🙂

What are some things that you feel get in the way and prevent you from reaching your goals?

The last five pounds have been a struggle for me. I’m at a weird place with my weight loss, where I’ve lost more weight then I used to think was possible for me, and I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been in over four years. I’ve found myself cheating on my eating and not being as concerned if I miss a day at the gym. Now that I’m at this place, I need to once again re-adjust my thinking. Fitness and healthy eating needs to stop being a means to an end, and become a lifestyle. I’ve discovered a love for fitness, specifically weight lifting, which was something I was hoping to find when I started all this. So I need to power through these last few pounds to get to my goal, and then start learning my new lifestyle at a happy, healthy weight.

How do you make eating healthy and exercising a way of life?

If you remember from my first weigh-in post, one of my side goals was to fit into my old jeans. I have a few pairs of ‘skinny’ jeans that I thought it would take me forever to fit into. I had been avoiding trying them on because I didn’t want the disappointment of them being too small.

So I decided to be brave and try on a pair, and guess what? They were about an inch and a half too big in the waist. This was not something I was expecting at all. I seem to have greatly underestimated how much my body would change during this process.

Now, I know some of you are thinking “and this is a problem, why?” well, because I’m not made of money. As much as I’d love to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe, that’s not super practical. So I did what anyone does when they have a problem, and I turned to the Internet. Specifically, Pintrest. And I found this AMAZING tutorial on how to take in the waistband of your jeans. I taught myself how to sew about a year and a half ago, and have yet to attempt sewing clothing, but this tutorial is very straight forward and seemed manageable. So I put the kids to bed and began taking apart my jeans, and about two hours later, I had a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the waist! I’m so excited to be able to extend the life of my pants, and maybe even adjust new pairs to fit better if necessary.

The weird part about this experience though, is when I saw that these jeans were to big, a small part of me thought “well, maybe I don’t need to get to my goal weight”. But I had to give myself a reality check. I set certain goals for a reason, and I’m not going to let anything get in my way. When these jeans fit me, I was by no means at a weight I was happy at. It’s all relative compared to what I weighed a few months ago, but I’m going to keep going and make it too my goal. I guess it’s just an opportunity to strengthen my sewing skills 🙂

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