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I’m taking a break from posting to enjoy Christmas with my family.  Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday everyone!!


I seem to run into the same problem every fall and winter. What shoes do I wear? This may seem like a silly question, but let me explain my dilemma. I love boots, and they can be very stylish, but they aren’t always practical. For example; How do you wear mid-calf boots, if you’re not wearing skinny jeans or leggings? Or, how do you wear cute little booties, when it’s snowing? I have to admit that I’m pretty simple when It comes to shoes. I love to throw on a pair of fun pumps for a night out, but on a daily basis, you’ll usually find me in flip flops, or flats. I’m always won over by a sparkly or colorful pair of flats. But then enter the cold, and I want my feet to be warm, but still be cute with my outfit. Flats are no good, because my feet freeze. I love mid-calf boots, but I’m not always wearing skinny jeans, and booties are not the most practical when your walking on ice with two small kids. SO, Uggs, seem to solve most of these problems. They are warm, practical in the snow, and you can usually find a pair that’s pretty cute. However, I don’t own any Uggs, they’re a bit out of my price range.So my solution? Mix it up and own a LOT of boots 🙂 Something will usually work out.

What’s your favorite footwear to rock when it’s cold out?

And help me out, what do you wear with NON-skinny jeans when it’s cold out? I’m still not too sure…..

Winter boots

I love the feel of this outfit. I bought these jeans at Old Navy, they’re not quite as cute as the Anthropologie ones, but they’re a lot more reasonably priced. And I have a couple turquoise tops that would work. But I just love the bow at the neck on this shirt.

Do you try to recreate outfits you see with pieces you already own?


On Thanksgiving, you want to be comfortable, and cute. So this is my idea of a good turkey day look. Leggings are comfy and have some give to them, and then an oversized sweater, or sweater dress.  It’s important to look cute for two reasons. Chances are you’re getting together with family and there will be pictures being taken. And for me, if I look and feel good, I’m more likely to think about what I’m eating. If you show up to thanksgiving in sweats, you’ll be more likely to over eat, because you’re wearing oversized clothes.

My personal Thanksgiving survival tips;

1.Dress cute and comfortable.

2.Don’t graze. If you spend the day picking at food here and there, you’re more likely to overeat. It’s better to sit down with a plate of food and to know exactly what and how much your eating.

3.Don’t stress or over think it. It’s okay to have “cheat” days. Just listen to your body and don’t stuff yourself.


I don’t usually care too much for the color red, but I like it in this combination. I don’t wear red very often, but I find myself more inclined to wear it around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think this would be a nice look for a date night or a holiday party.

What do you think about red?

Red & Nude

I love jeans. They are comfortable and versatile and easy to throw on and look good for almost any occasion. The problem I’ve always had with jeans though, is finding the right style, shape, and fit for my body. There are so many options; boot cut, flare, skinny, dark wash, light wash, and now colored jeans have been thrown into the mix. I feel like I’m on the constant hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, maybe that’s why I own so many…

What is your favorite style of jeans?


So I talked about here, that having professional pictures taken once I reach my goal, is another motivator for me. These are a few looks that I have in mind for that photo shoot. My mom bought me this Anthropologie dress for my birthday, I’ve recently had my eye on some light pink jeans, and of course, the mint jeans that helped inspire my whole weight loss journey in the first place.

 Which look is your favorite?

Do you have specific outfits that keep you going?

'after' pictures #2

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