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Lately I’ve had my eye on a pair of patterned leggings. I love the blue snowflake pair, and the multi-colored pair I have shown below. I think paired with the right shoes and the right shirt, they could be a super cute addition to my winter wardrobe, they are a fun and unexpected alternative to your typical solid color leggings. I love leggings, they are great for any season, if you just adjust the way you wear them. The same pair of leggings can work in winter with a pair of boots and a sweater dress, and work in spring with some flats and a cute tunic top.

I have a few, personal legging “rules”;
1. Leggings are NOT pants. They should be worn with a shirt that covers your rear.
2. Leggings should be worn with the proper shoes for the season. Either boots (tall or short) or flats. (Flip-flops are okay too).
3. Leggings should be considered an accessory to your outfit. If you wear colored or patterned leggings, pair them with a neutral top. You don’t want to have too much going on.

What do you think. Would you rock a pair of patterned leggings?

Do you have any legging “rules” of your own?


So I talked about here, that having professional pictures taken once I reach my goal, is another motivator for me. These are a few looks that I have in mind for that photo shoot. My mom bought me this Anthropologie dress for my birthday, I’ve recently had my eye on some light pink jeans, and of course, the mint jeans that helped inspire my whole weight loss journey in the first place.

 Which look is your favorite?

Do you have specific outfits that keep you going?

'after' pictures #2

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