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Lately I’ve had my eye on a pair of patterned leggings. I love the blue snowflake pair, and the multi-colored pair I have shown below. I think paired with the right shoes and the right shirt, they could be a super cute addition to my winter wardrobe, they are a fun and unexpected alternative to your typical solid color leggings. I love leggings, they are great for any season, if you just adjust the way you wear them. The same pair of leggings can work in winter with a pair of boots and a sweater dress, and work in spring with some flats and a cute tunic top.

I have a few, personal legging “rules”;
1. Leggings are NOT pants. They should be worn with a shirt that covers your rear.
2. Leggings should be worn with the proper shoes for the season. Either boots (tall or short) or flats. (Flip-flops are okay too).
3. Leggings should be considered an accessory to your outfit. If you wear colored or patterned leggings, pair them with a neutral top. You don’t want to have too much going on.

What do you think. Would you rock a pair of patterned leggings?

Do you have any legging “rules” of your own?


I’m asking for some new work out clothes, and of course, some regular clothes for Christmas this year. Here is a list of my top requests.

*And just as a disclaimer, I don’t want/expect EVERYTHING. I just like to give my family options.

  • My brother called me the other night to tell me about the Nike Fule Band. It is SWEET! Especially the ‘Ice’ colored one
  • I’ve had my eye on this jacket from Express for a while. I like the butterscotch color.
  • I’ve been looking for a pair of yellow flats, like these from Old Navy
  • I need/want some new gym pants, and I like these at Old Navy
  • And, If I’m going to get more serious about running, I could use some cold weather running gear, like these shirts and these pants, from the Gap.

What about you? Do you have clothes, or workout gear on your wish list?

Christmas wishes

I seem to run into the same problem every fall and winter. What shoes do I wear? This may seem like a silly question, but let me explain my dilemma. I love boots, and they can be very stylish, but they aren’t always practical. For example; How do you wear mid-calf boots, if you’re not wearing skinny jeans or leggings? Or, how do you wear cute little booties, when it’s snowing? I have to admit that I’m pretty simple when It comes to shoes. I love to throw on a pair of fun pumps for a night out, but on a daily basis, you’ll usually find me in flip flops, or flats. I’m always won over by a sparkly or colorful pair of flats. But then enter the cold, and I want my feet to be warm, but still be cute with my outfit. Flats are no good, because my feet freeze. I love mid-calf boots, but I’m not always wearing skinny jeans, and booties are not the most practical when your walking on ice with two small kids. SO, Uggs, seem to solve most of these problems. They are warm, practical in the snow, and you can usually find a pair that’s pretty cute. However, I don’t own any Uggs, they’re a bit out of my price range.So my solution? Mix it up and own a LOT of boots 🙂 Something will usually work out.

What’s your favorite footwear to rock when it’s cold out?

And help me out, what do you wear with NON-skinny jeans when it’s cold out? I’m still not too sure…..

Winter boots

I love the feel of this outfit. I bought these jeans at Old Navy, they’re not quite as cute as the Anthropologie ones, but they’re a lot more reasonably priced. And I have a couple turquoise tops that would work. But I just love the bow at the neck on this shirt.

Do you try to recreate outfits you see with pieces you already own?


Mo’ hair, mo’ problems. If you have thick, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, then you know what I’m talking about. I mentioned briefly here, about how hair can be a nuisance at the gym, but let me lay it all out for you.

Problem number one: You’re on the elliptical or treadmill with your hair in a ponytail, and you find it really hard to concentrate on anything other than you’re hair swishing back and forth across your back.

Problem number two: You lay down on the bench for bench press and your ponytail prevents your head from laying flat on the bench. Not good for form, or comfort.

Problem number three: It’s leg day and your super pumped to feel the burn and slim down your thighs. You get situated on the squat machine and start your first set. All of a sudden your pony tail is stuck under the bar and pulling little strand of hair from your head.

My solution to these problems? A bun, on the top of my head. Put it in a pony tail, twist the rest of the hair around the ponytail, and bobby pin in place.

You might think its vain of me to put so much thought onto how I wear my hair to the gym, but if you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations, then you know how I feel. I’m by no means one of those girls who wears full on makeup to workout. This is strictly a matter of being efficient and not letting my hair get in the way at the gym.


On Thanksgiving, you want to be comfortable, and cute. So this is my idea of a good turkey day look. Leggings are comfy and have some give to them, and then an oversized sweater, or sweater dress.  It’s important to look cute for two reasons. Chances are you’re getting together with family and there will be pictures being taken. And for me, if I look and feel good, I’m more likely to think about what I’m eating. If you show up to thanksgiving in sweats, you’ll be more likely to over eat, because you’re wearing oversized clothes.

My personal Thanksgiving survival tips;

1.Dress cute and comfortable.

2.Don’t graze. If you spend the day picking at food here and there, you’re more likely to overeat. It’s better to sit down with a plate of food and to know exactly what and how much your eating.

3.Don’t stress or over think it. It’s okay to have “cheat” days. Just listen to your body and don’t stuff yourself.


I think there are a few basic items that should exist in every wardrobe, no matter what your personal style is.

Cardigans. Cardigans are a great staple. They are comfortable like a sweater or sweatshirt, but are more stylish. Get them in a few fun colors to add to almost anything you wear.

Basic shirts. I think every wardrobe can use a basic white t-shirt, and a polka dot shirt. They look great with pants, skirts, and under a cardigan. Easy to throw on and look nice when you’re not sure what to wear.

Jewelry. A few pieces of jewelry that you love and can put with almost any outfit. For me, they are statement necklaces and gold hoop earrings.

Pencil skirt. They look good on everyone, and can be dressed up or down.

Pants. Everyone should own a good pair of jeans, and another type of pant. Khaki’s, cords, slacks, etc.

Bags. I love purses. Right now I’m currently sporting a diaper bag. Not super stylish, but necessary. When I’m not toting around diapers, I would LOVE a Michael Kors bag.

Shoes. I love flats, they are cute and comfy. A few different pairs in different colors are fun. A good pair of tan heels, look good with everything. And you need some bright colored heals as well.

What items can’t you live without?

My Must-Haves

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